Nothing Can Be Salvaged. I am Doomed!

We've all been there. Myself more than once...more than a few times actually. In a few short minutes everything can literally be destroyed. What you worked so hard to get is now gone! It's useless. Nothing you can do, in most cases, can ever bring it back. You stand there in utter disbelief wondering how you could have let this happen, holding the remnants of what once was in your hands. This time it was no fault of my own. It was his fault. Yep! My husband did it. He ruined the laundry!

He was just trying to help out. This isn't the first time he has ruined my mommy wardrobe though, so I should have known better than to entrust him with my minimal garments. Hey I don't have lots of clothes, especially to throw away!

The pic below shows a few pieces I care to share out of a large load of laundry. It's just too painful to take a picture of all at once. Yes it hurts that much hehe. Out of that load of laundry everything is speckled with green dots from a permanent marker left in one of the pockets of his ACU's. The entire load kind of looks like the leftovers you'd find in the street after a Mardi Gras Parade. The pic does not do it justice though. Since I posted it you can barely see the green stains, but trust me they're there. They're EVERYWHERE!

So, lesson learned here. Check the pockets of everyone's clothing thoroughly, even before my husband does the laundry! Or be prepared to get rid of most of your wardrobe.

If anyone knows of a way the clothes can be salvaged please let me know. I'm not sure Clorox can fix this one.


  1. Naughty boy! For that you deserve a nice long lie in and breakfast in bed.

  2. ive done that to my husbands ACUS before. luckily i usually wash them inside out sooo just the insides were pen stained... but if they werent put in the dryer they can be saved but if theyve been dried... no such luck... though i would try the tide stain releaser things.

  3. I certainly hope so that CLOROX can fix that one. This post made me realize that I should check my pockets first before putting my clothes in the laundry basket or else...I'll be doomed also.

  4. You mean we are supposed to do laundry and check pockets?

    Way to much work (-:

  5. @It's a Mummy's Life...ooh bkfst in bed sounds so good right about now
    @ Krista good idea...will try next time
    @ Luigi you definitley would want to chk thos pockets
    @Mrsblogalot yes, way too much work!


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