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Imagine having little or no money.....Imagine living under a bridge, in abandoned buildings, and constantly moving from shelter to shelter....Imagine using a cardboard box for cover....Imagine having no shield from the outside elements....Imagine having no home....

I was researching the plight of homelessness as it relates to military vets and came across this wonderful blog, Invisiblepeople.tv. My husband and I spent about two hours on it; reading and listening to the stories of people of all different backgrounds who ended up on the streets. Some of them are alone, with a spouse or partner, and some of them are homeless with their children. Most of them lived normal lives like you and I, and one circumstance changed everything. After visiting the site I realized that on the days when I complain about "little" things, it could never compare to being homeless.

Invisiblepeople.tv is traveling across the country to capture the stories of people without a home. By visiting tent cities, motels, and other modern-day accomodations for people without a home, this tour will unearth the modern-day realities of homelessness while providing a venue for "invisible" people to tell their story, raw and unedited. (Invisiblepeople.tv)

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  1. Wow - what an interesting concept - thanks for sharing this!

  2. I am following you from MBC!

    Jeanette Huston


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