Crafty Baby Nap Pack Review

Jill from Crafty Baby was kind enough to send me the pink dots Nap Pack for review. My daughter loves it and takes it everywhere! The fleece blanket is approximately 48 inches long, with a rectangular 11" x 16" pillow attached to the top. It is designed to fit on a preschool mat but my daughter uses it for playtime and nap time at home. Just lie down on the blanket and pillow and cover yourself with the other half of the blanket. Easy!

The best part about it is that it has velcro straps, and my daughter can roll it up and put it away on her own. Talk about being independent! No clean up for mom! No extra pillows, no extra blankets, no mess! This nap pack is designed for children ages 2-7 and comes in many different designs for boys and girls.

Disclosure: I received this product for review and no other form of compensation was given. The views are mine only and receiving this product did not influence this review in any way. This review was made possible through MomMadeThat.


  1. Aww, the little girl looks like she is quite comfy! Thanks for sharing this. I'll have to look into it for my little girl.

    Found you by way of the MilSpouse Blog Hop. LOVE the site! I subscribed because I will definitely be back!

  2. got an award for ya on my blog.

  3. Hi! I'm visiting from MBC. I signed up to be your follower.

  4. So cute! My son needs something like that for kindergarten next year.


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