I Wish My Scale Was Off by 50 Pounds


I had my daughter 11 months ago and I was doing so great. I was working out, eating better, and losing weight. I lost over 20 lbs and things were looking up. Now I am almost back to my pregnancy weight. Ugh! Actually, only 6 lbs away from it.

It's not all my "fault" though. My husband was hurt in Iraq and came back early, I had to drive around this island from this place everyday from appointment to appointment, and I just didn't make time to keep up with the weight loss routine I had established. I did so much snacking during the day and basically stopped almost cold turkey with the exercise. I've also done a lot of stress and boredom eating. Fast food places were not far from reach while I was driving from place to place and I indulged on a bunch of crap!

I went shopping today for my trip to the mainland and decided to try on a few things only to discover that I had gone up a pant size AND a shirt size. Major blow!

I have made a vow to myself to get back on track and lose this weight for good. Join me on my journey, or at least send some positive vibes my way!

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  1. You'll get there! Don't give up!! I'm following from MBC. Great blog! Follow me back at www.amomsrarefinds.com


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