And I broke out in hives....

Yes! You read it correctly. I broke out in hives. Okay I have never had an allergic reaction to anything besides washing dishes (A dishwasher is like oxygen to me. I have to have it). Anyway, I didn't feel like cooking dinner yesterday and decided to order a pizza from one of the most well known pizza establishments out there that I have decided not to name. About 5 minutes after eating a slice, my right hand started itchng like crazy. Then my right arm. Then my left arm. Okay now I am itching all over!!! Hives just broke out EVERYWHERE on my body. I swear I would rather be in pain, rather than go through that again. There is nothing like itching with no relief! My throat starting closing up and I could hardly breathe. It felt like some had their foot on my chest. My hubs and I grabbed the kids and rushed to the ER. I was bombarded with the usual questions in this situation...have u changed detergents lately, worn anything new (I wish!), switched body wash blah blah blah. Of course the only thing they could attribute it to was that maybe the pizza franchise decided to add something to their pizza sauce. I eat from there often with the same toppings all the time, so I dunno what was up. They gave me an IV of benadryl, zantac (i dunno if thats spelled correctly but hey) and some steroids. After getting high and woozy off the benadryl I slept for a few hours and when the hives went away for the most part, they let me go home a little after midnight. WORSE experience of my life!! Needless to say I wont be chancing eating from this establishment anymore. I felt better, but then I broke out again this morning. Instant replay. I am taking my benadryl and steroids faithfully and hope to get over thing "thing" soon. I don't know of any allergy, especially food allergy that I may have so this threw me for a loop. Anywho, just wanted to share that with ya, and I hope I am better soon. Sorry about the funky pic I am too lazy to find another.


  1. scary experience! Hope all is ok now and that you sinlged out the culprit.
    following from mbc. :)
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  2. I had an allergic reaction once where I felt like my throat was closing up, so I know how scary that can be. I'm glad you're ok!

    Just stopping by from MBC and now following you.

    Hope you have a great weekend!
    Stefanie http://pediatricsafety.net

  3. i sorta narrowed it down and i am feeling a little better..thanx so much for stopping by!


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