Sesame Street Live

My husband and I were brave enough to conquer Sesame Street Live with a 4 year old and a 7 month old. It was brought to our military base via the USO Experience for Military Families. What an awesome experience! Besides waiting for over an hour to get inside, because I am definitely an early bird when it comes to these types of events, my children loved it! The USO (United Service Organizations) has been offering this free traveling tour featuring some America’s favorite Muppets, and we all know that Elmo is like all the free candy in the world to most toddlers.

They sang songs with positive themes that addressed feelings, missing a parent during deployment, etc. They gave every child a free elmo toy and had free dvd's and reading materials for parents to share with their children to ease the stress and anxiety of deployment. There were also activities before and after the shows, and the children were able to meet the characters. For the past two years the USO have traveled throughout the US and Europe at more than 64 military installations. You can visit their Sesame Street/USO Experience photo album and their website for more information on the USO.


  1. that is so cool I hope to take the kids to something like that soon they kinda enjoyed disney on ice and we totally missed yo gabba gabba so maybe sesame street. i heart the uso by the way such great things for military families

  2. i was lucky enough to see disney on ice in 2006..i took my pre-k class and they had a blast!....oooh my oldest daughter would absolutely luv to see yo gabba gabba lol....thanks for stopping by ruby!

  3. Sounds like Sesame Street Live was a blast! First time visitor to your blog and I will be back! :)

  4. I wish my kids were little so I could take them to see those cute concerts. Now I get to go to Vans Warped Tour and listen to screamo music (or whatever they call it) LOL. Enjoy it while it lasts.

    Found you through TwitterMoms.
    Visit by my blog when you have a chance.

  5. Sound like a great time! My kids would love that!

  6. I saw that show once and it was wonderful! (Following from MBC)

  7. I took my son (many years ago!) to a Sesame Street show. He loved it (as did ALL of the kids!) It's like a rock concert for the preschool set.

    Thanks for following me on Twitter. I'm doing the same. Stop by my blog if you get a chance and say hello (I happen to be dreaming of Hawaii today!)

  8. Darn I missed this. Girl it looks like yall had lots of fun. I hope to go to the next one!

  9. thanx for the comments everyone...@futureheirloomdesigns...now that is funny..i will be sure to enjoy it while it lasts lol


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