She Peeled a Banana and I Cried

A few days ago I was in bed and my 4 year old entered my room, earlier than usual I might add. She asked me if she could have breakfast and I told her that I would be up in a few minutes. After 5 or so minutes I got up and asked her what she wanted for breakfast. She told me that she had already eaten and she was full. I asked her what she ate and she told me that she had peeled a banana and had it for breakfast. My daughter has always had trouble peeling a banana as most children her age do, so this took me by surprise. I looked in the garbage can and there it was. The banana peel lay on top of all the other crap that was in there and I found myself tearing up. My little girl is growing up and she doesn't need me. Okay I know it is just a banana, but I am so used to doing mostly everything I was overcome with emotion at this developmental milestone. I never thought I would be affected this way when it came to a banana! Imagine what will happen when she learns to tie her shoes!


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