That Box Thingy in My Kitchen

As a mom I am sure you can relate to the constant barrage of toys and many other things I don't care to name invading your home space. Before I was married it seemed like everything could stay immaculately clean. Okay, maybe I am exaggerating juuuuust a little. My house wasn't immaculate, but I had a nice, clean, comfortable living space. After having children, of course we accumulated the never ending amount of of kiddie toys, pacifiers, etc etc etc. Now it seems like I am always cleaning something. I started this post while thinking about when I'm going to clean out my fridge. I totally went off topic, but now I'm back from lala land. The fridge is one area of someone's home that you rarely get to see when you visit them. And for good reason. It's none of your business what's in it unless they allow you to go in it. Well, it is about that time for me to clean out my fridge and I was just wondering how often do other people clean theirs. I clean my fridge every few months. It's not all sparkling and shiny, but someone woudln't be afraid to eat from my house if they saw it either. I have shelves that I always use for certain items, and the occasional spill from a clumsy husband or child (I never spill anything wink wink) is gently wiped away soon enough to not leave that sticky residue behind. I have seen some fridges that have not been cleaned in a very long time. I admit that I would never let mine get so bad that unidentified species have invaded it and moved in relatives from 3 generations, nor do I have to wear a facemask, but I do what I can. So...the question is... How often do you clean your fridge??? Be honest!!


  1. I clean my refrigerator about twice a year. I mean thoroughly rip everything out of the fridge, pull the shelves apart, stick the draws in the dishwasher, pull out the steam cleaner, heavy duty time cleaning. Once around Passover and the other in the fall. Other times throughout the year I spot clean. We have a nice white and bright fridge and I like to keep as so. Also, our fridge is pretty bare. The door is packed, but the shelves pretty much only have things like some left-overs here and there, Vitamin Water, Seltzer Water and That's it. All other food products are in my freezer or cupboards. I don't buy fresh vegetables often, unless for a salad, because I tend to forget they are there before they go bad, so I have frozen. In fact, I have some avocado I need to eat soon... hmmm.

    Hope this helps you out. ;)

  2. thanks for stopping by mandeek..wow i need you to come over one day! hope to see u back soon!

  3. Hmm I don't even know how often I clean it, so I suppose not too often... But I rarely put anything in it, does that make it ok? ;)


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