Facebook Games.....New Drug of Choice?

I know we've all been bombarded with drink requests, food fights, gift requests, etc via facebook. It seems like whenever I log on to the social networking site my sidebar is full of these. I'm not a big gamer, although I occasionally play a game here and there. It seems like a lot of my FB famalam are going overboard though. This means that my home page is littered with how many lonely bulls someone found on Farmville or the new stillettos someone received from a sorority sister. I'm not complaining, but hmmmm.... This got me thinking. Are some people addicted to these Facebook games? How often do you play games on facebook? Is it affecting your time management? Do you think you could have an addiction?


  1. Yay!!!! Im your first follower!! whoo hoo!! found you via MBC!! =) .. and no I am not addicted to facebook games I like pogo games better although I am not addicted to that either I just play when I cant sleep lol

  2. I wrote about this last summer. I think people always were into games and wasting time. Facebook is just this public interface that lets everyone now your score. I liked it when your time wasting tactics were your own business. I could care less about your lonely Farmville sheep. Hey at least everyone is over Mafia Wars!

  3. I'm now following you. =) Found your blog through Mom Blogger's Club....

    Personally, I try to avoid those games. I do know a friend or two who may be addicted...lol

  4. @TMB thanks for becoming my first follower haha
    @ Joey I so agree with u but i know some ppl still addicted to Mafia Wars lol..@ Mayra thanx for follwowing..I think we all know a person or two that is addicted lol..thanx ladies


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