There is a new blog on the block.....

There is a new blog on the block. Yes I am new on the block too and I hope I don't go into foreclosure soon, but http://4quartersofamother.blogspot.com/ is where Mandeek makes me smile almost daily! She adds a humerous touch to my day as I read about her life, and I look forward to continuous reading of her blog. So, Mandeek this is to you...my Mandeek Monday so to speak hehe. Keep making me smile.
Feel free to follow her and I am sure she will return the favor. Happy reading!


  1. Aww...that is sweet! Sorry I haven't popped in all week. I have been experiencing a version of my own personal hell. We'll just call it the "Ex Factor". If I get up the nerve, I may write about it... in a humorous manor. *smile*

    By the way, I love your blog, too. You are marked as a FAV on my list of Blogs I Stalk. *wink*

  2. dont worry i loooove stalkers when it comes to blogging lol....nice ones anyway!....


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