My Trip(s) to Pearl Harbor

Pearl Harbor is the most visited attraction on the island of Oahu. Of the
many things to see and do here, this has been one of my faves. Anyone who knows me knows that I am a BIG history buff. I taught fifth grade history and luv luv loved it! So when we arrived here on the island this was on the top of my list of places to visit.
This is my husband and I with our oldest daughter in 2007 (before we even knew there would be a daughter #2). A lovely tourist took this snapshot, probably after feeling sorry for my husband and I taking turns with my Kodak cam.
One of my good friends came to visit last April and I took her there also. It brought her to tears.

This is my mom and sis with my daughter in January 2010. They enjoyed it! My whole fam loves history.

So yes, I have gone 3 times total, and honestly, it didn't get old. The fact that I am into culture and history played a role as well as being a military wife. Knowing that my husband has put his life on the line several times, recently returning home from Iraq after being injured, definitely put this place into perspective for me. This is a rare treasure, yet somber. Knowing that hundreds of men were entombed below me weighed heavily on my heart. Our soldiers put their lives on the line everyday for our freedom no matter where they are, and I was more than honored to pay my respects to those who lost their lives at Pearl Harbor. If you are ever able to come to Oahu, this is definitely a site to visit.


  1. I really want to visit Pearl Harbor. I really enjoy visiting places with such history. I live in Charleston, SC with all the history and grew up in Richmond, VA with all the history. I am definitely a history lover.

  2. Ah Hawaii. I used to live there when I was in preschool through kindergarten. Dad was in the Navy. So how long have you been living there? I have the weirdest memories of Hawaii. All good but weird from a 5 year olds standpoint. I'm a bit jealous though the COL has to be high. Thanks for visiting!

  3. Pearl Harbor would be an amazing and educational visit. I'm following you back now!

  4. Wow Heather I am from SC...small town about an hour from Charleston! Thanx for checking me out!
    @tickledpinktwice I would love to hear some of those memories hehe....COL is exdpensive but being military offsets it just a little...I love it here!
    @mom vs. the boys...it is definitely educational as well as moving..thanx for following and hope to see u back soon! Thanx a bunch!

  5. Hawaii is so beautiful. I so wish we lived there. BTW, I'm from SC too. :^)

  6. Yes it is extremely beautiful here but I do miss home sometimes! Another SCarolinian! Nice to meet you and I hope to get to know you better thanx for stopping by!


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