Teething...Not Cool!

Teething Ring...check



Cool cloth...check

Sanity...ugh..what's that?

I have to admit this teething thing is NOT COOL AT ALL! The lack of sleep coupled with night weaning has added some beautiful bags under my eyes. I am starting to get that raccoon look. Nice. Pretty soon I will be running into walls and mumbling strange things to myself if I don't get some rest.

My oldest daughter got her first teeth at 6 months of age. No problems. I didn't even know she had them until the babysitter called me at work to tell me. This time around is a different story! My poor child is nibbling on any and everything she can get her little swollen gums on. Even me! I feel so bad for her being that there is not much more that I can do.

She will be nine months old soon! Let's hope that those pearly whites hurry and pop through. For my sake and hers!


  1. Hey-we have been using these Chamomille teething tablets that they work great!! I am new now following you from MBC! Have a great day!

  2. oh wow i will look into those...thanx a bunch!

  3. Hi! Followering you from MBC FFF.

    Teething gel doesn't work for my elder boy, cool icy towel for him to chew on does the trick. now my younger boy handle teething as if it never happen haha.

    hope your baby get through this phase fast!

  4. Thanks so much! I sure hope she gets through this phase fast also! Thanx for stopping by!

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  6. Oh my do I know how you feel. Channah was a mess with teething. Naomi seems to be a little bothered by it, but mostly she just gnaws on my hand and there's a stream of drool for as far as the eye can see.

    Channah just cried forever with the teething. I don't know if you use a NUK (pacifier) or not, but we do and for Channah we would pop a couple of them in the freezer, b/c she was too young to really hold onto anything. It worked wonders. Yes, it only lasted a short time, but it was a brief moment in time with no cries. We know just how important that can be, *wink wink* My best is with you... may you come out of this alive and unscathed.

  7. @mrscooper thanx a bunch!...@mandeek it is rough i hope i do come out alive lol...thanks!


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