Mom versus Supermom

Okay. We've all had those days when the kids are trying out for cirque de soleil, you have to create a pathway just to walk through your living room without being beheaded from tripping over your kids' toys, you have to cook dinner, you have to work, you have to clean, blah blah blah. And of course, you have to find time to blog hehe. But, you just want a breather. I have had a few of those days recently, but my husband was so kind enough as to let me "do me!" I got a pedicure, did some shopping FOR ME woo hooo, and just relaxed. It was well worth it. I must admit I felt kinda strange walking in the store without kids. I kept looking around thinking that I forgot a child lol. So...take off your supermommy hat and find some time for you. When was the last time you had time to yourself?


  1. I havnt had me time for the last 6months (my son is 6months) haha

  2. OH WOW, what I would do for a "me" day. I'm a busy busy SuperMom of three ages 2yo, 3yo and 6yo, I work full-time, go to school, run a business, and try to find time to blog. Whewwww... that pedi, shopping and relaxation sounds really good right about now. I do plan on scheduling a "Mommy Free Day" sometime in Spring and it will consist of a spa day, shopping, and brunch. Can't wait. I'm so glad you got a few moments to yourself. Every mom needs it!

  3. lol@tmb..get u some me time girl

    thanks for stopping by guys

  4. ME TIME??? Whats Me time?? LOL I havent had any Me time since i left Hawaii...LOL The only me time i get is when i go to the bathroom. I really cant get any me time nursing one baby and trying to potty train the other. Maybe after the new baby gets a little bit older.

  5. I totally feel where you are coming from. I am trying to wean one baby from breastfeeding (she is teething and crawling let me add) and deal with a preschooler. Nice! Sometimes bathroom moments are the best moments. I lock myself in sometimes and take a long bath, close my eyes and escape to some far away land of bliss.... until a screaming child brings me back to reality ...I am sure it will get better for us both...let's hope! Thanks for following!


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