Gimme my boobs back! ~Night-Weaning~

I am literally writing this at 1230 AM while my little one is attached to me like metal to a magnet. Sometimes I'm like "Why oh why did I start this whole breastfeeding thingy?". Yea, I know the whole 'breastmilk is the best milk' slogan blah blah blah, but I almost feel like I set myself up for being sucked dry to the bone. I have turned my child into the Little Monster that Could not Wean. Honestly, night weaning SUCKS! At 8 months old I am ready to give it all up. I am tired! My baby isn't having it though. Don't get me wrong. I enjoyed the bond I created with my little one and knowing the benefits of breasfeeding. Heck, some people couldn't do it for this long. But, my time is up! Just when I am all comfy and nestled under the sheets, that all too familiar scratch and sniffer wakes me up. Do you remember those scratch and sniff stickers? That's what I feel like. Only we didn't suck on them. Okay, I'm digressing. Anywho, what's a mom to do at 3am when her baby is crying for a boobie snack? It is so much easier to give in rather than listen to the crying of a tired baby, especially when she's not really hungry. She just wants comfort and is used to waking up and eating. So I am curious. How did you wean your baby from breastfeeding, especially at night? Any and all suggestions are welcome!


  1. Lol! I found the best way for me was to sleep with them till they weaned, and they can nurse while you sleep! =)
    One nursed 18 months the other 17. But when they started eating, and drinking other things, they did not nurse much, except for just before nap and bedtime and for comfort!

  2. Awwe..I am hoping that since she is started baby food and stuff that things will speed up. Thanx for posting and I hope to see you again!

  3. good luck w/ that! I have a Booby Monster Obsessed!! he's now 22 m old and I'm still fighting w/ him.

    My 4 yr old was easy. He weaned at 6months. just decided he liked real food and sippy's better.

  4. lol@night owl mama...booby monster obsessed..i like that hehe....it is getting better though! thanx for commenting and hope to see u back soon!


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