Did you eat my baby sister?

My toddler has finally asked the dreaded "Where do babies come from?" question, although not quite in those words. She asked "Did you eat my baby sister?" "How did she get in your stomach?" Needless to say I was NOT prepared for it. Totally stumped! Anyway I was wondering if any of you have had to deal with your little one (or big one) popping this question on you. How did you react? What did you say? Maybe I can get some suggestions from you the next time this question comes up. I am sure it will!


  1. Hi Momfessions! I am a fellow twittermom! I have dealt three times with this question and am a preschool teacher. Basicall our advice is: don't tell them more than they want to know! My own children loved seeing books that had real pictures of babies in the womb. We talked about the imbilical cord, their little finger nails, how their eyes weren't open. That is magical! I recommend Lennart Nilsson's A CHILD IS BORN. Please come see my blog, too! www.zen-mama.com

  2. Thanks for the advice Betsy. I will def check out your blog! Come back again!

  3. Ah, yes, I've had some veeeerrry interesting conversations about where life begins with my boys. I tell my husband, who never seems to be at home when these come up, "There should be a trophy for stuff like this!"

    Welcome to MBC.

  4. When I was pregnant with my first, a small child in an elevator asked me if they were going to, "cut my tummy open to get the baby out." I still laugh when I think about the look of horror on the mom's face as she hustled her young child out of the elevator.

    With my own kids asking questions I do what Betsy mentioned.

    Btw, I found you from FFF.

  5. @Rhonda...oh yes a trophy would be nice...I would need a trophy case!
    @Susan...funny stuff..thanx for checking me out!


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